Storage & Graphics

Comprehensive material solutions for computing devices, including HDD, SDD, and Graphics applications

Applications such as artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, data centers, and enterprise are all fueling  an insatiable demand for memory, data storage and processing power. Expanded GPU speed and capacity performance, along with storage capacity in HDD & SSD, are required to meet these market requirements. Both GPU and SSD need highly-capable Henkel thermal materials to dissipate heat to prevent chip degradation and overheating,  and underfill materials to enhance reliability and durability of the devices.

Solid-State Drive (SSD) Storage

SSDs are used to store data in a variety of applications – from enterprise infrastructures to data centers to automobiles – and are enabling growth markets.  SSDs provide faster performance speeds than HDDs, offering the ability to manage large workloads without any performance degradation. Central to SSD reliability and functionality is the effective dissipation of heat, which is managed with Henkel’s BERGQUIST® thermal control materials. Device interconnect durability and reliability is enhanced with Henkel underfill materials, allowing for application ruggedness and portability.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Storage

While SSDs have emerged as a more powerful data storage solution for certain applications, HDDs still provide critical storage capacity capability when cost-efficiency is prioritized over performance speed. Henkel has a materials portfolio that offers a broad range of solutions for HDD that meet critical outgassing, functionality and durability requirements.

Graphics Cards

Today’s graphics cards display graphical data with high clarity, extreme definition and vivid color. They are essential for gaming, computer aided design, video editing, special effects, medical devices and creative applications, and are emerging as key components of artificial intelligence and autonomous driving systems. Thermal solutions from Henkel enable a heat path from the GPU to a heat sink, reducing the risk of overheating and device failure. Durable, high-performance Henkel materials help provide robust functionality and a long GPU life.

Laptop and Desktop Gaming

Desktop and laptop computers are present in the majority of homes and businesses, allowing consumers and enterprises to store, receive, view and process data. A full range of Henkel materials are used throughout the computer structure to enable performance, enhance durability and improve aesthetics. Assembly solutions allow for automated production, strong electrical interconnects, clean designs and bonding of dissimilar substrates. Thermal materials deliver heat management capability for the processor and memory devices, while encapsulation products protect devices in portable systems from interruptions in stable data transmission.

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