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Henkel corporate provides some information regarding Henkel and COVID-19.

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Today’s consumers expect their electronics products to be reliable, robust and responsive. Whether it’s smart household appliances or smart handheld devices, demanding users want exceptional performance and value. This consumer electronics market reality is precisely why manufacturing specialists turn to Henkel for their advanced materials requirements.

Our broad range of exceptionally formulated encapsulants, adhesives, solder pastes, inks, coatings, underfills and thermal management solutions ensure the quality and reliability of the products we depend on day in and day out. For manufacturers of these life-enhancing electronics, Henkel’s product range delivers optimized processability, long-term stability, convenient storage and lower overall cost of use.

Digital Printing

Henkel’s digital printing adhesive solutions are designed to meet specific application challenges — from the assembly of membrane sensors to product durability and protection. When a precise combination of adhesion, chemical resistance, handling ease, and process strength is required, Henkel adhesives offer a variety of curing options including UV, IR and thermal mechanisms.

Components and Accessories

The functionality of components and accessories for mobile devices is central to a good user experience.  With an expansive portfolio or materials that seal and protect against everything from temperature to water to shock and vibration, Henkel helps ensure cost-effective high reliability performance and simplified manufacturing for today’s miniaturized accessory designs.

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