Broadband Connectivity 

Protecting and Optimizing 5G and Wi-Fi 6 Network Capability for The Best-Connected Experience

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Whether connecting over 5G supported by signal-amplifying small cells or through a WiFi fixed access point, reliable wireless low-latency broadband capability is now the expectation.  We use it for almost everything in daily life – video streaming, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, smart home systems and more. 

Every device responsible for fixed and mobile wireless connectivity – a massive MIMO antenna, a 5G mmWave small cell or a WiFi 6E access point with expanded spectrum capacity – integrates high-powered components that have to work as expected, day in and day out, no matter their environment. Smaller footprints, higher power densities and challenging conditions for electronic systems require materials that raise reliability, extend functional lifetimes and protect against external contaminants and stress. At Henkel, we make the materials that make broadband systems work as promised. 

Our Wireless Connectivity Solutions Include:


Thermal Management Solutions 

Efficient heat management is one of the most important elements of operational performance and reliability. Next-generation telecom systems are integrating higher-power devices in smaller footprints, resulting in a higher thermal load. Controlling the heat is essential; Henkel provides multiple solutions.

  • Thermal Gels
  • Phase Change Materials
  • GAP PAD®

High-Strength Adhesives

Keeping screws and wires in place and housings securely sealed reduces opportunities for failures in the field. Henkel adhesive innovations deliver strong bonding capability for multiple surfaces and environments.

  • Staking Adhesives
  • Thread Lockers
  • Sealants

Protective Materials

Materials that protect against environmental conditions, stress and moisture help secure reliability even in unpredictable outdoor environments. At the board, component and enclosure level, Henkel has a broad range of application solutions.

  • Conformal Coatings
  • Underfills
  • Gasketing

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