High Performance Material for High Speed Optical Communication Systems

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Moving Data at the Speed of Light 

Optoelectronics are the foundation of the greater networking bandwidth and data processing capabilities of modern data center and network technologies, including metro, long haul and sub-sea data center interconnect (DCI). The insatiable quest for ever-increasing data rates is being satisfied by advanced optical components such as optical transceivers, switches and components that leverage the efficiency of light to help move high volumes of global network traffic at incredibly fast speeds. Henkel’s material solutions keep these devices reliably connected, protected and thermally controlled for optimized function.

Big Data, Big Challenges

Smaller footprints, faster processing power, improved long-term reliability and cost-effectiveness are just some of the many – often contradictory – requirements for optical communications devices including transceivers, switches and components. Inside these systems are complex assemblies of lenses, laser diodes and fibers that require durable adhesion, precise alignment, lifetime protection and effective heat dissipation to cope with higher power densities, provide optimal light transmittance with low signal loss, and protect against thermal and mechanical stress. Learn how Henkel’s portfolio of innovative, high performance optoelectronics materials are helping achieve big data ambitions.


A full suite of non-conductive and conductive adhesives provide strong bonds, electrical interconnection, lens and fiber alignment integrity and secure long-term performance by mitigating thermal and/or mechanical interference.

  • Die attach adhesives 
  • Dual cure active alignment adhesives
  • Lens bonding and sealing adhesives
  • Structural and fiber bonding adhesives

Thermal Management Materials

The decreasing dimensions and increasing power densities of high speed, high  bandwidth devices result in significant operational heat. Dissipation of the thermal load is central to performance at maximum capacity. Thermal interface materials in pad, liquid, adhesive and gel formulations provide the thermal control and processability capabilities required.

  • GAP PAD®
  • Liquid Gap Fillers
  • Thermal adhesives

Device Protection 

Safeguarding small form factor components and fibers from mechanical and thermal stress extends functional lifetime and preserves reliable operation.  

  • Underfill materials
  • Gasketing solutions

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