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Trusted Materials Enable Power, Speed and Immediate Access

Growth in data center traffic has exploded, as high demand for 4K/8K video streaming, enterprise and cloud-based storage, and big data analytics become the norm. Inside cloud and hyperscale data centers, racks of servers, routers, switches and storage systems are employing increasingly powerful components to deliver high-speed processing and faster data access. And, linking data centers to each other through high-capacity data center interconnect (DCI) is also key to efficient data center networks. Keeping all of these systems connected, functionally optimized for efficiency and reliable is vital to meeting digital delivery expectations.

Storage devices are integrating increasing numbers of hard disk drives (HHDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs) on a single line card. High-performance computing demands greater quantities of faster CPUs and GPUs. And, to achieve higher throughput and flexibility, data centers are quickly adopting 400 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) links, with 600 GbE and 800 GbE not far behind. Together these factors underscore just how critical it is for all of these systems to have effective thermal management and long-term device protection from stress and harsh conditions. Data requirements are only becoming more challenging, and Henkel material innovations are responding.

Our Cloud and Hyperscale Data Center Solutions Include:

Efficient Thermal Management Materials

Effectively dissipating operational heat from data center electronic systems enables better performance and reliability. Cooling is one of the biggest considerations in data center optimization and Henkel has a broad range of novel materials for network equipment and high-performance servers.

  • microTIM Coating
  • GAP PAD®
  • Phase Change Materials
  • Thermal Gels

Device Protection

Thermal cycling and mechanical stress during data center operation can impact component connection integrity. Henkel’s high temperature compatible underfill materials protect high-density interconnects from stress-related failures.

  •  Underfill Solutions

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