About Henkel’s Trim Shop Solutions for the Vehicle Body

In the automotive trim shop, final assembly processes are completed. These final assembly processes include the fitting of dashboards, windshield setting, seats, tires and more.

Henkel’s automotive manufacturing trim ship bonding for the vehicle body includes a broad portfolio of 1- and 2-component polyurethane adhesives with varying properties and functions, enabling:

  • Easy handling and application
  • Weight saving and faster tack time through primerless application on paint and glass
  • Fast curing speed
  • High elasticity to account for different thermal expansion rates of varied substrates
  • Micro-emissions for improved sustainability

Key technology areas include modern glazing adhesives for windows, windshields, and sunroofs as well as acoustic damping patches to reduce NVH in door panels, hoods, fender panels, and body & roof panels.

Window Glazing Adhesives

Window glazing adhesives are the highest volume adhesive application in the vehicle assembly line and ensure the proper setting of windshields, windows, and sunroofs.

Today’s window glazing adhesives must not only ensure the complete curing of large joints, they must also enable design flexibility for a variety of window shapes and sizes, contribute to car body torsional stiffness and passenger safety, and offer compatibility with lightweight material.

Henkel’s automotive polyurethane adhesives for direct glazing helps to meet these goals, providing:

  • Fast curing and high strength on difficult to bond substrates
  • Abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Optical clarity
  • Impact resistance

Our 1-component automotive polyurethane adhesive is standard for direct glazing and easy to handle and apply, while 2-component automotive polyurethane adhesives are widely used for car glazing repair.

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