Gaskets prevent leakage of fluids or gases by completely filling the space between the flange surfaces. To ensure the seal remains intact and leak-free, the gasket has to be resistant to the fluid or gas it is sealing. It must also withstand the joint’s application temperature, pressure and any micromovement.

Liquid, formed-in-place (FIP) sealants provide car designers and manufacturers with a much better alternative to solid gaskets for automotive systems. Our solutions provide total contact between the two faces, and a durable seal for all types of flange geometries. In addition, they eliminate the extreme compressive loading needed by traditional gaskets, seals surface imperfections and adds structural strength.

Henkel FIP sealants, such as LOCTITE 5188, LOCTITE 5810 and LOCTITE Silicone 5970, support fully automated robotic dispensing, screen and stencil printing systems. They can be applied to both horizontal and vertical flange faces, and effectively reduce any seal gap thereby minimizing hydrocarbon emissions. They also enable metal-to-metal contact so tolerances can be more accurately maintained.

LOCTITE 5884 is a high performance cured-in-place (CIP) gasket designed to withstand modern powertrain conditions. This polyacrylate is has an excellent oil resistance on transmission fluids and engine oils and can be cured within seconds at room temperature.

Automotive Gasketing Applications

Our gasketing products are used for powertrain flanges for example on oil pans and valve covers.

Automotive Gasketing Products

Sealing Plastic to Metals

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