When building the bodywork of a vehicle, automotive body shops have to deal with a wide variety of challenges. They need reliable, easy to assemble solutions that also minimize weight, noise and vibration. We know from experience: Benefit from our strong partnerships with premium car manufacturers when relying on our state-of-the-art Automotive Body Shop range of products. We constantly update our body shop solutions along real challenges in the industry: Our cleaners, adhesives, acoustics and car body sealant products work reliably! They also keep weight and bothersome driving noises down. The result is a quieter, lighter, safer and stronger vehicle. Get the job done – with Henkel solutions!

Bodywork needs to be properly cleaned, securely bonded and effectively insulated to ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience. Henkel continually develops solutions for automotive body shops from metal glues, cleaners, and surface treatments to automotive sealants, to meet these challenges, now and in the future.

Our high-quality cleaners, adhesives, acoustic dampening, and car body sealant products are designed for ease of use and reliability. They also help keep weight and driving noise down. The result is a quieter, lighter, safer, and stronger vehicle.

Automotive body shop applications – for all challenges.

Body Shop Applications

All Henkel products respond directly to the needs of car manufacturers with first-rate reputations. We know every brand‘s ambition – to design, form and assemble ever lighter, more durable and attractive vehicle structures. Our sustainable adhesives, sealants and surface treatments work as invisible partners to realize these efforts.

  • Surface treatment
  • Bonding
  • Cleaning
  • Sound deadening

Automotive Body Shop Products

We know vehicle manufacturing – its challenges and developments – intimately. Based on this, we develop a variety of innovative automotive body shop products.

Benefits include: weight reduction, economy of assembly and efficient use of floor space.

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