As a safety critical component, automotive lighting needs to serve two purposes – to see and be seen. To help avoid accidents, headlights, tail lamps and brake lights should not only provide excellent visibility for the driver, but also ensure that other motorists and pedestrians can see you, even in conditions where visibility is reduced.  

As a global leader of automotive adhesives, Henkel provides an extensive range of bonding, gasketing and sealing solutions for the lamp assembly process and ancillary components. Our headlight and taillight adhesive bonding solutions are helping engineers to develop new, innovative designs for automotive lighting.

Automotive Lighting Solutions

Henkel’s automotive headlight (headlamp) adhesives are used to produce more than 150,000 headlamps per day. From headlight housing sealants that offer improved adhesion and weather protection, to tail lamps and headlight bonding products used in various light source assemblies, including light bulbs, halogen, Xenon, LED, and laser. Henkel offers an extensive portfolio of headlight sealant adhesives and automotive lighting solutions for the following areas: 

  • Housings
  • Head/Fog Lights 
  • Tail/CHMSL Lamps 
  • LED Modules


Strength and durability are key when it comes to headlight(headlamp) adhesives. Henkel’s high quality headlight bonding and headlight sealant adhesives are the ideal choice when bonding lens to housing units and lens cover gasketing. Not only do the headlight (headlamp) adhesives prevent fogging and condensation from forming in the light, but Henkel’s range of headlight housing sealants also offer high temperature resistance and excellent adhesion Strength.

Head/Fog Lamps

Head Lamps and fog lamps are both located on the front of a vehicle. However, they serve two slightly different purposes. Head lamps are used to illuminate the roadway and facilitate fatigue-free and safe driving, while fog lamps are bright secondary lights, that are low mounted and used in foggy conditions to improve road visibility and warn other drivers. Henkel’s headlight (headlamp) adhesives provide reliable and strong solutions for headlight bonding applications including lens to housing bonding, as well as headlight sealant adhesives for lens cover gasketing.

Tail/CHMSL Lamps

Tail and center high-mounted stop lamps (CHMSL) illuminate the rear end of the vehicle and incorporate brake lights that brighten when the brakes are applied. Signal lights or turn lights are also part of the rear lamp assembly. Because these lights play such an important safety role, it is vital that adhesives and sealing and bonding products used in Tail/CHMSL lamps can withstand vibrations and environmental conditions such as extremely high or low temperatures.

With high temperature resistance and improved adhesion, Henkel’s range of automotive lighting adhesives and sealants offer excellent reliability for applications such as bonding lens to housing unit and lens cover gasketing.

LED Modules

LED lighting is increasingly being used in more vehicles, especially with the development of smart headlamp systems where high-efficiency LED drive solutions are required. These include innovative technologies such as adaptive LED headlight systems and bend lighting control. However, there are challenges to implementing automotive LED lights.

The small and low power consuming LED modules require thermal management, as well as protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI). For this reason, Henkel offers robust and reliable automotive lighting solutions that include thermal management materials, solder pastes, underfills, electrically conductive headlight (headlamp) adhesives that are ideal for bonding LED heat sinks, as well as for connectors and wire molding.

Further Resources

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