Automotive Exterior

Bonding and Sealing Materials for Automotive Exterior Applications

A car’s exterior appearance makes it stand out from other models while still reflecting the corporate brand. It needs to be aerodynamic and provide protection for both passengers and internal components from the elements.

Plastic body panels, tailgates and bumpers can reduce weight but need special adhesives and sealants to keep them fixed securely in place. Windows, mirrors, and headlights need to be securely bonded and sealed.

Our automotive exterior adhesive solutions offer strong support: they hold and seal headlamps, roof systems, fascia, front end modules, carbon and glass-fiber components, windshields, and glasses in place. Henkel’s adhesives for car exteriors  enable cost efficient assembly processes and meet all safety and health requirements.

Automotive Exterior Product Solutions

When it comes to automotive exteriors, durability and lightweighting are two important factors. This is why, as a global leader in automotive exterior adhesives, Henkel offers strong and durable solutions to meet the highest demands of the automotive industry. Our wide range of adhesives for car exteriors and structural adhesives provide tough, long lasting, and reliable bonds that can withstand humidity, road vibrations, as well as UV rays and extreme temperature fluctuations.

Henkel’s large portfolio of automotive exterior adhesive include solutions for:

  • Exterior Modules
  • Roof Systems
  • Tailgate
  • Glass
  • Exterior Sealing

Exterior Module Solutions

The exterior modules on automotive vehicles include the bumpers, spoiler, liftgate, front end module, as well as hang-on parts like front hood and trunk lid. These modules require durable but lightweight materials and adhesives for car exteriors that can withstand heavy vibrations, high forces, as well as provide excellent aging resistance. 

Henkel provides an extensive range of high-quality exterior automotive adhesives, sealants, and automotive weatherstrip-coatings for exterior applications that are specially designed for a variety of substrates. Our automotive exterior trim adhesive materials offer strong and quick adhesion and cold temperature flexibility for long lasting and reliable bonding. 

Roof System

When it comes to roof systems, Henkel offers automotive roof sealant and adhesive solutions that meet all safety and lightweighting design requirements for sunroofs, moon roofs, roof panels, and roof rack applications. Our wide range of adhesives for car exteriors offer excellent durability and reliable solutions for increased efficiency and high-quality results.


Henkel offers environmentally friendly, water-based glass encapsulation priming systems that are used for encapsulation of automotive glasses. Henkel’s direct glazing adhesives are used by automotive OEMs and are OEM-approved for the automotive aftermarket.

Other Exterior Solutions

Henkel offers an extensive range of exterior solutions that are suitable for a range of applications including, weatherstrip coatings for seals, adhesives and molding compounds for door handles, exterior pillar, rear garnish trim, trimline, side moldings, exterior side mirrors, diffusors. As a global leader of sealants and adhesives, Henkel has the optimal solution to meet your specific needs.

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