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With established expertise and industry collaboration leveraged from our successful work with top global designers and manufacturers, Henkel delivers safer, high-reliabilty solutions that you can trust.

Our experience with innovative formulations for functional, reliabilty-enhancing products is broad and deep. From semiconductor die attach adhesives to board level printed circuit board protection and interconnect materials to novel inks and superior thermal management solutions, Henkel's LOCTITE and BERGQUIST brands are integral to ensuring fail safe reliability for modern automotive electronics. Henkel's comprehensive portfolio of ADAS material solutions are integral to cameras and radars,electric power steering assistance, electric braking systems, ADAS control units and connectivity modules.

ADAS: The Road to a Safer Driving Experience

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, commonly referred to as ADAS, are becoming far more common in modern-day vehicles. The current adoption rate of 20% is expected to grow dramatically over the next few years as ADAS proliferation continues and new technologies deliver greater levels of safety behind the wheel.

The key to enabling ADAS functionality is the cooperation of cameras, radar, and LiDAR, as well as multiple ultrasonic sensor systems, all of which work in concert to identify objects, pedestrians and potential hazards for the driver. In some cases, these technologies even take independent action to ensure driver, passenger and pedestrian safety.

ADAS Cameras

Cameras are an essential component of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Today's automobiles incorporate as few as one or as many as nine cameras - and the number of cameras and the various technology types are expanding quickly. With driver safety often dependent on camera visibility, the performance reliability of these optical systems is critical.

ADAS Radars

While camera technology is the go-to sensor for visual object detection, radar offers more complete and exacting information as it measures an object's speed and distance from the vehicle. With this data, features like adaptive cruise control, emergency braking and rear collision warnings offer real-time alerts that greatly improve driver, passenger and pedestrian safety. Ultimately, the functionality of radars and cameras depend on the integrity of their components and this

Additional Resources for ADAS

Brochure: Materials for Automotive Radars

Brochure: Materials for Automotive Cameras

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