Work trucks and trailers need to be built to withstand rigorous usage. Your quest for strength and durability can be achieved in a way that also reduces manufacturing costs, while producing trucks and trailers that are more visually appealing.

LOCTITE® adhesives and sealants can help you cut manufacturing costs, while reducing the need for welds, rivets, and screws, resulting in a tougher, more aesthetically pleasing vehicle.

The Benefits of Structural Adhesives Over Traditional Fastening Methods

Additional uses for adhesives and sealants include:

  • Bonding sub-floors to frames
  • Bonding aluminum tread plates to side panels
  • Roof panel to bow bonding
  • Trim and floor sealing

Why Adhesives over Welding or Brazing?

By replacing your current thermal joining methods with structural adhesives from LOCTITE, you’ll be able to join dissimilar substrates, avoid potential part distortion that can affect performance, and minimize (or eliminate) steps like grinding and polishing. And without the seams and discoloration that result from welding, you’ll also get a better-looking truck.

LOCTITE® Trailer
The LOCTITE® trailer was assembled with a number of LOCTITE® products in order to make it stronger, lighter and more aesthetically pleasing. Watch to find out what products we used and how we built it.

See How LOCTITE® Solutions Perform in Action at the Following Customers

Local Motors
New Holland

Structural Bonding Webinar

Join this webinar to learn why adhesives are a trusted, cost-effective solution for architects, engineers and builders, and how to incorporate adhesives into your design and construction.

Resources for Work Trucks and Trailers

Adhesives Sourcebook

Equipment Sourcebook

Metal-to-Metal Bonding Guide
Structural Bonding Brochure
Trailer Bonding Guide
Trailer Repair Guide

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