Replacing metal parts, composite components can reduce component weight, improving fuel consumption and reducing CO2 emissions in all types of vehicle. Both resin transfer molding (RTM) and composite part assembly require high grade composite solutions. The best composites also ensure automotive designers and manufacturers can rely on safe and controllable processes with environmental-friendly chemistry.

Henkel composite solutions deliver the highest quality while helping to reduce weight and costs. They can also shorten cycle times and eliminate the need for pre-treatment for painting and adhesives. Suitable for automotive mass production due to short injection and curing times, our products support you across the complete RTM process and the assembly of composite parts.

Our Loctite MAX composite matrix resin solutions are specifically designed for RTM with glass or carbon fibers, enabling short cycle times suitable for automotive mass production. And for multi-substrate bonding and composite assembly, our Loctite and Teroson composite adhesive portfolio provide the ideal solution.

Automotive Composite Applications

  • Body (primary structure)
  • Chassis (spring, stabilizer, wheel)
  • Exterior (roof, hood, tailgate)
  • Powertrain (driveshaft)

Automotive Composite Products

  • Loctite MAX composite matrix resin solutions
  • Teroson composite adhesives
  • Loctite EA 9065
  • TEROSON PU 6700 ME
  • Loctite UK 2015
  • Loctite UK 2032
  • TEROSON PU 1511
  • TEROSON PU 9214
Henkel Composite Lab: High Pressure RTM Machine
At Henkel's Composite Lab, automotive customers can work with Henkel experts to develop and test composite parts, and also optimize series production process conditions. They can carry out trials with different test molds on our High Pressure Resin Transfer Molding (HP-RTM) equipment. The HP-RTM machine includes a 380 tons press for trials close to series production conditions.
LOCTITE MAX 2: Composite Matrix Resin
For the resin transfer molding process, Henkel has developed a composite matrix resin based on polyurethane which enables improved economics and throughput in processing. Compared to standard epoxy matrix resins, Loctite MAX 2 cures significantly faster. During injection, it also enables more efficient impregnation without stressing the fibers due to the lower viscosity of the resin.

Brochure: Composite Solutions
for the Automotive Industry

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