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Automotive Manufacturing

Your partner along the entire value chain

Your reputation depends on being better—lighter, faster, stronger, and more reliable—than your competition. As the global leader in adhesives, sealants, and functional coating technologies for the automotive industry, we can help you get there. We create a competitive advantage for our customers along the entire manufacturing value chain. Have a challenge for us? We can partner with you from the start of your process to ensure we understand your needs and deliver tailored solutions you can rely on. That’s why premium automotive brands, OEMs, and garages trust us to help solve their challenges—no matter how large or small.

Automotive Manufacturing Areas of Application

Automotive Manufacturing Types of Application

Technologies for Automotive Manufacturing

Innovations in Automotive Manufacturing

The Power of Being Everywhere. In Every Car.

Henkel Global Engineering Center

Henkel Composite Lab

Liquid Applied Sound Deadener

The Dark Side of Going Light

Bonderite dualCys

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