Choose from our broad aircraft surface treatment  portfolio

Aircraft structures, parts and engines require high quality surface treatment solutions to ensure a safe and reliable fleet for airline operators. Henkel, as a proven surface treatment solutions supplier, provides a broad portfolio of products throughout the aerospace supply chain. It includes cleaners, paint strippers, conversion coatings and engine overhaul products. As a leader in sustainability best practices, Henkel offers environmentally advantaged product options for the aerospace industry’s leading platforms.

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Choose the Right Surface Treatment for Your Aircraft Application

Chemical Milling and Maskants

Our solutions simplify masking. First, they can be applied in many ways: by dip, spray, flow-coat or brush. Second, they save working hours as air-dry is sufficient for many of these applications. And third, they are easy to remove by hand-peeling. Three-fold benefits for aircraft subtractive manufacturing and maintenance.

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Paint Removers

Our BONDERITE depaint and repaint technologies are NESHAP compliant, thixotropic products — solvent, hydrogen peroxide and water-based - that make paint stripping of metal and composite materials simple. They use less material, generate less waste and overall save you time and money.  Environmentally sustainable formulations, as well as aircraft paint strippers for aluminum and composite are also available. Rely on Henkel Depaint & Repaint solutions – formerly known as ALODINE and TURCO – to get back in the air faster.   

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Engine Cleaners

Improve operating efficiency with Henkel’s Engine Overhaul chemical solutions. Formerly known as ALODINE and TURCO and qualified to industry-leading OEM specifications, Henkel’s time-tested, industry proven BONDERITE engine overhaul and compressor wash chemicals add efficiency to your jet engine maintenance practices.

In the interest of safety, many external considerations from regional regulatory agencies to engine OEMs/ shop requirements contribute to and determine the appropriate engine maintenance protocol. Engine parts need to be professionally and thoroughly cleaned for effective Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) inspection and corresponding engine overhaul or parts replacement activities.

Providing the broadest portfolio in the industry, BONDERITE engine overhaul and compressor washers meet major OEM process specifications while being available globally. Whether you require an on-wing or off-wing solution, BONDERITE removes metal oxide scales, sulfadations and carbonaceous material. BONDERITE is highly cost effective and delivers consistent, reliable results.

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Metal Pretreatment

With more than seven decades of metal pretreatment experience, Henkel’s BONDERITE solutions cover all steps of the metal pretreatment process for aerospace applications. From cleaning and degreasing to conversion coatings: BONDERITE covers it all.  

Additionally, Henkel offers BONDERITE ready-to-use aerospace surface treatment solutions ranging from pen-sized applicators for touch-ups to bulk packaging for full-scale processing. Aluminum conversion coatings, as well as a variety of other surface treatments are available for treating other metal alloys, including titanium and mixed lightweight substrates. Reduce waste, operator error and process times with the same products formerly known as ALODINE and TURCO, and be ready for any manufacturing or maintenance need.     

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Proven Expertise in the Aircraft Industry

BONDERITE products are backed by Henkel’s many years of proven aerospace industry experience and know-how. Take advantage and benefit from Henkel’s leading products and expertise for your aerospace surface treatment needs.

The products of your choice should comply with highest quality standards – including European Union REACH Standards.

Perfect Surface Treatment That Also Meets European Legislation Standards

REACH regulates the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals within Europe. Aims of this regulation are to improve safe handling of chemicals to protect human health and environment as well as strengthen the competitiveness of the European chemical industry. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in Helsinki oversees the implementation of the REACH program and helps companies to comply with it.

If you are a non-EU customer importing our products into the EU, compliance with REACH obligations is within the responsibility of you as the importer. If you have any further question, please get in touch with your local contact in the region.

Henkel views the REACh regulation as having significant impact to our aerospace customer’s global supply chain. As a result, Henkel is committed to working with ECHA and the industry as a whole to ensure safe, compliant and transparent implementation of REACH in Europe.