Aircraft structures, parts and engines require high quality structural adhesive solutions to ensure a safe and reliable fleet for airline operators. Henkel, as a proven structural adhesives solutions supplier, provides a broad portfolio of products throughout the aerospace supply chain. It includes film, paste, mould release, primers, syntactic, core fill and abradable products. As a leader in sustainability best practices, Henkel offers environmentally advantaged product options for the aerospace industry’s leading platforms.

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Choose the Right Adhesive for Your Aircraft Application

Film Structural Adhesives for Aircrafts

Our broad portfolio of film adhesives include advanced technologies to address today and tomorrow’s most demanding applications. Being a long-term partner for aircraft manufacturers globally, Henkel provides sustainable film adhesive solutions that enhance performance and safety of aircraft as well as the manufacturer’s production efficiency.

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Mould Release for Aircrafts

Henkel’s LOCTITE FREKOTE release agents, sealers and cleaners are based on over 50 years of technical experience and are the most trusted for consistent release of composite parts from tools. These wax-and silicone-free release agents polymerize to create a low surface energy film which is durable, chemically resistant and thermally stable. A minimal transfer to molded components, minimized fouling, easy application and the highest number of releases possible per application are guaranteed.

LOCTITE Mould Release Solutions:

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Paste Adhesives for Aircrafts

Paste adhesives are used to bond aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and composites either in rib-stiffened designs or in honeycomb designs. Henkel provides exactly the paste adhesive solutions you need: one- and two-part epoxy paste adhesive systems for potting, bonding, fairing and repair in a range of packaging from a pudding cup to a two-part cartridge kit with static mixers.

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Primers for Aircrafts

Ideal for airplane applications, LOCTITE primers are designed to promote adhesion, protect against corrosion and improve bond joint long term durability. They are also available in ozone-safe (non-CFC), solvent-based and solvent-free formulations.

Primer Solutions:

  • LOCTITE EA 9258.1 AERO

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Syntactics, Core Fill, and Abradable Materials for Aircrafts

With LOCTITE structural syntactic materials, Henkel provides the right choice for structural and low density sandwich panels in the aerospace industry. Applications include low density panel stiffening, minimum gauge stiffened panels, and sandwich panel edge build-up. They offer maximum structural performance, high impact resistance, high panel strength, and an optimum stiffness to weight ratio. These non-expanding films are available in a range of thicknesses.

Henkel’s abradable materials ensure that today’s aircraft engines can operate at maximum efficiency. They provide a rub strip for jet engine compressor blades combining high erosion resistance with low abrasion at low density. Materials are available for OEM installation and for repair and maintenance to ensure the fleet is always operational.

Syntactics, Core Fill and Abradable Solutions:

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