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Propulsion applications present the most demanding of aircraft environments. Engines, nacelles, and auxiliary power units experience extreme temperatures, require long term durability, and undergo fatigue. 

As a leader in aerospace propulsion materials, Henkel’s portfolio of LOCTITE® high temperature film and paste multiple specifications. The LOCTITE® aerospace product portfolio includes impregnated peel plies, potting compounds, syntactic materials, and abrasion seals have been qualified all major aerospace OEMs and contractors further underscoring the proven quality and reliability of Henkel’s state-of-the-art material formulations. 

Henkel is dedicated to providing the most innovative and technologically advanced products for the aerospace industry and offers unmatched technical support through a world-class global sales, applications engineering, R&D, and manufacturing network.

To find out more about our LOCTITE® Propulsion and aircraft engine materials:

Aircraft Engine Assembly Material

Henkel has been supplying high-quality adhesives, surface treatment products, and a complete electronic portfolio for aircraft engine assembly and maintenance operations. This extensive knowledge and technical know-how, combined with cutting-edge technology, provides comprehensive and highly reliable aerospace propulsion solutions.

During fan blade assembly, the right adhesives are needed to bond composite sub-components with excellent chemical resistance and extraordinary performance. Our diverse portfolio of aircraft engine materials offers exceptional mechanical strength to preserve the structural integrity of critical aircraft components and designed to enhance performance and safety of aircraft even in the most demanding environmental conditions.

Henkel has developed a family of products under the LOCTITE®, BONDERITE®, TECHNOMELT®, and BERGQUIST® brand to meet the extreme demands associated with jet engine environment. Our materials including:

  • Film and paste adhesives
  • Impregnated peel plies
  • Potting compounds
  • Syntactic materials
  • Surfacing and lightning strike films
  • Abradable seals
  • Electronic
  • Surface Treatment


Henkel is a leader in developing sustainable materials for the Aerospace industry. To find out more, download our REACH Sustainability publication.

Film and Paste Adhesives

Henkel is leading the way in producing superior quality high temperature adhesives for aerospace applications. Our range of film and paste adhesives offer improved durability and toughness while enhancing safety performance and production efficiency

With high temperature compatibility, our film adhesives offer environmental resistance and flow control. The pre-catalyzed material does not require any mixing or measuring and allows for precise placement during application. Suitable for use on a variety of metal and composite substrates, our film adhesives offer improved toughness and reliability.

Our paste adhesives offer high peel strength and bond line control and are ideal for bonding aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and other composites in either rib-stiffened or honeycomb designs. LOCTITE® paste adhesives absorb vibrations and distribute stresses in joints and reduces weight in structural assemblies. With specialty packaging and fast curing formulations, Henkel’s paste adhesives are REACH compliant and offer excellent mechanical properties and static stress durability.

Impregnated Peel Plies

Impregnated peel plies are commonly used to prepare cured composites prior to applying adhesives and creates a durable and uniform bonding surface. Using impregnated peel plies improves process efficiency and reduces maintenance costs while ensuring a consistent bonding surface.

Additional benefits include:

  • Ease of removal
  • Minimal residual polyester fibers on substrate after removal
  • Thin residual resin layer
  • Controlled failure / release path
  • Optimized interfacial strength
  • Promotes cohesive failure modes within the bondline
  • Generates a more durable bonding surface than dry fabric

Potting Compounds and Syntactic Materials

Henkel’s comprehensive range of potting compounds and syntactic materials offer improved mechanical strength and provide resistance against vibration, shock, and thermal stress. These materials also meet FST (Fire, Smoke, Toxicity) requirements and are approved to major OEM specifications.

Potting compounds are primarily used to protect and reenforce components even in extremely challenging environmental conditions. Designed to provide enhanced mechanical reinforcement and chemical and corrosion protection, our range of potting compounds are available in a wide selection of formulas to meet different substrates, temperatures, and environmental conditions. By combining adhesive bonding with structural performance, Henkel’s potting compounds support lightweight components and are suitable for both manual and automated dispensing.

Syntactic materials provide maximum structural performance, high impact resistance, high panel strength, and optimum stiffness to weight ratio and are the ideal choice for stiffening and edge build-up of structural and low-density sandwich panels. 

Contact a member of our team today to find out more about our LOCTITE® Propulsion materials.

Surfacing and Lightning Strike Films

Surfacing and lightning strike films are designed to solve a number of concerns. The epoxy-based material work to improve the surface quality of honeycomb stiffened composite parts, provide a barrier for dissimilar materials, decrease surface preparation time, and protect structural fibers while also protecting your aircraft from damage caused by lightning strikes. 

Our durable, high-quality paintable surface films also offer considerable weight savings of up to 30% compared to existing surfacing films while lowering the composite part finishing costs. With our LOCTITE® aerospace adhesive portfolio, you can be sure you are choosing the most technically advanced, lightweight solution. 

Abradable Seals

Henkel’s range of epoxy-based abradable materials ensure that aircraft engines operate at maximum efficiency. These abradable materials offer high erosion resistance with low abrasion and low density while providing a rub strip for jet engine compressor blades and are commonly used on the area surrounding rotating fan blades to create a seal against the fan casing and to minimize air leakage around the blade tips. 

Our range of abradable coating materials are available in either a film or a paste and offer enhanced toughness for aerospace applications.

Further Resources

For more information about our materials for aerospace propulsion materials, download the following PDFs.