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Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) is crucial in ensuring a safe and reliable fleet for airline operators. MRO covers all airframe, engine and component services related to ensuring aircraft safety and airworthiness – ABCD checks, composite repair, depaint / repaint and engine maintenance.

Henkel offers its MRO customer solutions that meet major OEM qualifications in many ready-to-use size configurations:

  • Structural adhesive repair solutions for composite and metal structures, cleaners, paint strippers and brighteners
  • Surface treatment solutions for cleaners, paint strippers, conversion coatings, engine cleaning and overhaul

ABCD Checks

ABCD checks are planned maintenance inspection programs that are essential in ensuring a safe and reliable fleet for airline operators.

With support from our authorized distribution network, Henkel delivers ABCD check solutions for airline fleet requirements around the globe. Our broad portfolio of high performance BONDERITE solutions include:

  • Metal pre-treatment
  • Depaint and repaint
  • Deoxidizers and desmutters

Composite Repair

As OEMs design and build more lightweight aircrafts with composite parts and structures, the need for more user-friendly and proven bonded repair solutions becomes critical for airline operators and MRO shops. The repair of complex composite structures can be challenging for the aerospace industry, with the various types of damage requiring different repair approaches and demanding innovative solutions.

Under the LOCTITE brand, Henkel offers ready-to-use adhesive solutions for a variety of composite repair requirements:

  • Bonding, potting and filling
  • Laminating and wet lay-up
  • Out-of-autoclave processing
  • Specialty repair – high temperature, surfacing film and lightning strike

Depaint and Repaint

Depaint / repaint is a process which aircrafts go through many times during their service life and requires safe, reliable and responsible solutions. Henkel was the first to offer chlorine-free solvent paint strippers to the market – offering optimal performance in the depainting of aircraft metal and composite parts whilst being environmentally friendly.

Under the BONDERITE brand, Henkel offers a broad portfolio of high performance products:

Water based, acidic, alkaline and peroxide based paint removers,

  • Cleaners
  • Deoxidizers
  • Brighteners
  • Conversion coatings

Engine Maintenance

Aircraft engines need to be effectively maintained and regularly overhauled for safe operation. The appropriate engine maintenance protocol is dependent on many factors such as regional regulations and engine OEMs / shop requirements. To ensure the engine is in optimal working condition, engine parts need to be professionally and thoroughly cleaned for effective non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection and any corresponding engine overhaul or parts replacement activities.

Under the BONDERITE brand, Henkel offers a range of surface treatment, off-wing engine overhaul and on-wing compressor wash solutions that address OEM specifications for engine maintenance:

  • Metal Pre-treatment
  • Cleaners
  • Compressor Washer