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Aircraft interior material applications encompass everything inside the pressure shell of an aircraft from the passenger compartment and cockpit through to the cargo hold. From the systems, sidewalls, seats, flooring, ducting, bulkheads, class dividers, and ceiling panels to the stowage bins, all these different aircraft interior components require adhesives and flame retardant materials with a unique combination of properties to ensure safe, light weight, and easy assembly.

Henkel provides a range of composite and assembly solutions for aerospace interior applications that are defining the way modern airplanes are built. Our broad portfolio of high-performance LOCTITE® solutions includes:

  • Fire retardant materials for improved sustainability and safety
  • High strain paste adhesives
  • High temperature filled paste systems

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Aircraft Interior Materials

Aircraft interior materials need to meet a unique combination of requirements. First, they need to comply with the stringent flammability requirements of the aerospace industry, including being FST (Flame, Smoke, Toxicity) compliant. These materials also need to be lightweight and provide high strength-to-weight performance. On the other hand, aircraft interior components should be easily processable due to the high volume of interior parts manufacturing. When these requirements are combined, they present increased demands on the materials being used for aerospace interiors.

Henkel offers a wide portfolio of aircraft interior materials that fulfill and exceed these requirements and can be used for a range of applications. Whether you require aircraft interior panel materials, fire retardant materials or aircraft cabin cleaners, our catalogue of aerospace interior adhesives, sealants, and coatings are suitable for use on a wide variety of substrates.

From floor and ceiling panels, overhead stowage bins, cargo liners, window surrounds, lavatories, and more, Henkel’s range of high-performance LOCTITE® solutions are available to meet your specific aerospace interior application requirements.

Aircraft Interior Panel Materials

Providing structural strength and being lightweight are two essential components of aircraft interior panel materials.  Henkel’s range of LOCTITE® high temperature filled paste systems and high strain paste adhesives are lightweight and offer excellent structural strength. Applications include low density panel stiffening, minimum gauge stiffened panels, and sandwich panel edge build-up.

Henkel’s high temperature filled paste systems are used to securely bond aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and composites either in rib-stiffened designs or in honeycomb designs. These materials are available in both one- and two-part epoxy systems to provide the exact adhesive solutions you need. Using high strain paste adhesives helps eliminate stress and cracking across bonded joints and improves microcrack resistance.

Our aircraft interior materials provide maximum structural performance, high impact resistance, high panel strength and, of course, an optimum stiffness to weight ratio. There are many benefits to using LOCTITE® paste adhesives:

  • Reduces costs
  • Bonds numerous substrates
  • Provides design flexibility
  • Reduces weight in structural assemblies
  • Distributes stresses in joints

To discuss your specific requirements or learn more about our aerospace interior materials, contact our expert team today.

Fire Retardant Materials

Henkel has developed a range of flame-retardant products for aircraft interior applications that meet the highest safety standards. A fire breaking out is one of the most dangerous scenarios to happen on an aircraft. By selecting the right fire-retardant materials, aircraft manufacturers can do their best to produce a fully flame-retardant plane and protect their aircraft from fire.

From toughened paste adhesives with superior dispensing rates and expanding foam adhesives to high compressive strength potting compounds, Henkel’s LOCTITE® flame retardants are halogens, antimony, and phenol-free. Storable at room temperature, our range of aerospace interior fire retardants are supplied in cartridges that are easy to apply, slump resistant, and offer excellent mechanical properties.

Aircraft Cabin Cleaners

Established as a supplier of high-quality aircraft interior materials for the aerospace industry, Henkel provides proven solutions for all your cleaning requirements. Our range of aircraft cabin cleaners are formulated to quickly and efficiently break down oils and dirt from surfaces and provide a thorough and clean result every time.

Further Resources

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