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As the trend of urban living continues to grow globally, the demand for new and innovative Urban Air Mobility (UAM) applications is also increasing. The UAM market, including autonomous flying vehicles, manned drones, and flying taxis, has proven resilient to recent global disruptions, with major aerospace trials moving forward at a swift pace.

When it comes to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) such as drones, the demand for sustainable, lightweight, and cost-effective solutions for drone assembly is also increasing. This is especially true when designing the drone battery protector. The materials and UAV adhesives used in these applications must provide reliable and strong bonds.

With decades of experience developing innovative and sustainable adhesives, Henkel has partnered with market leading suppliers to provide automotive e-mobility and UAV adhesive solutions designed to improve and support UAV drone and airframe design. Our extensive portfolio of reliable and high strength UAV adhesive offers optimal thermal functionality for UAV battery packs.

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Battery Pack Solutions

With the growing demand for high performance UAV drone designs that can carry and transport heavy items, it is essential that the materials and UAV adhesives used during drone assembly offer protection against extreme external environmental elements while protecting the components inside the drone such as the battery pack.

Compared with traditional aerospace, automotive e-mobility and UAV drone design requires hyper-efficient batteries.

To function optimally, UAV battery packs must be:

  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Thermally efficient
  • Securely sealed, so no fluids can damage the battery

The role of adhesives in UAV battery packs

When it comes to UAV battery packs, adhesives play an important role since they reduce the overall weight of the UAV. However, there are certain criteria that these adhesives also need to meet. For example, batteries must be bonded together with structural adhesives that are flexible and thermally efficient. These UAV adhesives need to be able to manage heat to ensure reliable battery function.

Henkel’s extensive portfolio of lightweight adhesives and materials meet FST requirements, as well as UAV airframe design requirements. Our REACH compliant adhesive material solutions also reinforces and bonds thermoplastic and thermoset substrates, helping to strengthen drone assembly processes.

By partnering with a market-leading supplier with a comprehensive technology portfolio for large-scale battery production and adhesive thermal management, companies can be sure their UAV batteries will function in the best way possible.

Learn more about how we are leveraging our technologies from automotive e-mobility to Urban Air Mobility.


As a premium material supplier for electronics assembly and semi-conductor industries, Henkel offers an extensive portfolio of high quality and reliable electronic solutions for urban air mobility applications. Our range of products includes conformal coatings, adhesives, non-conductive pastes, potting compounds, sealants and encapsulantsthermal pads and films, and more.

Additionally, Henkel offers a wide range of adhesives and material solutions for aerospace structures that ensure safe and reliable design and operation of urban air mobility applications. All of our aircraft material solutions are designed by experts to meet the demands of the aerospace industry and include structural and film adhesives and pastes, primers, core filling and potting, mold release, as well as syntactic and abradable products.

Additive Manufacturing

When it comes to material solutions for additive manufacturing for urban air mobility applications, there is an increasing demand for using 3D printing technology for air mobility aircrafts and parts. Henkel has developed a portfolio of photoplastic and photoelastic resins, post-processing bonders, and cleaning solutions for reliable and innovative design possibilities.