Rows of brightly colored packages line the shelves of markets around the world. When consumers are browsing the shelves for any product, the appearance is the first sign of quality.  If the label is askew or the box flap is not tightly sealed, the consumer will pass. Hot melt adhesive pop opens – a common packaging challenge – occur when a case or carton is not properly sealed after compression. In some cases, hot melt pop opens can occur on the production line.  They can also occur during transit and delivery to retailers.  In the highly competitive food and beverage market, pop opens can impact production efficiency or brand reputation.

Working with hot melt adhesives to minimize pop opens in consumer packaging

During the packaging process, pop opens can occur for many reasons. Application settings, processing conditions, and ambient temperature can cause bond failure. Poor compression, higher line speeds, and the trend towards using recycled board stocks can increase the frequency of pop opens. To resolve and eventually prevent pop opens, it is essential to first understand the differences between various types of pop opens. Identifying the signs of a specific pop open aids in the resolution. Our short videos demonstrate the different kinds of pop opens.

Adhesive Preset Problems

Cold Failure

Poor Compression

Heat Failure

Henkel’s technical experts can help identify and resolve hot melt pop opens. These are the top questions to resolve hot melt pop opens.

  • Timing: When do the pop opens occur?
  • Location: Is there glue on both sides of the case or carton?
  • Compression: Is the bond rounded or fully flattened?
  • Fiber Tear: Is there partial or missing fiber tear?
  • Ambient Temperature: Does the package experience high heat or freezing temperatures?
  • Production: Has anything recently changed with your process, equipment, or packaging?

Identifying your pop open is the first step to eliminating adhesive bond failure and reducing downtime. Henkel offers its new Digital Training Platform to help your production line quickly address packaging issues via general adhesive knowledge as well as standardized best practices and troubleshooting. 

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