Liquid Battery GAP FILLER®: BERGQUIST® TGF 3010 APS 

Silicone-free, fast-dispensable battery pack thermal management solution

Effective heat dissipation from the battery module to the cooling plate is a major priority for engineers seeking to optimize electric vehicle (EV) vehicle safety and reliability. Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) such as gap fillers provide support in the thermal management of electrical devices. Traditionally, these materials are designed for small surface applications like Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) used in automotive electronics. With the dimensions of a battery pack averaging a length of 216 cm and width of 147 cm, it requires a different kind of TIM. This new material should not only have adequate thermal conductivity, but also a fast dispense rate so a large surface area can be treated within a short timeframe.

A leading automotive OEM reached out to Henkel for support in finding such a fast-dispensable gap filler for its new EV. The material also had to be silicone-free and have a low abrasion impact on the process equipment. Through close customer and equipment supplier collaboration, Henkel gained a deep understanding of all requirements and developed the BERGQUIST® TGF 3010 APS.

Unlike other approaches seen in the market, the formulation of this material was completely built from scratch and uniquely designed for EV battery packs. The material is now used to create more than 500 battery packs a day on one production line, making it a reliable and proven solution for thermal management of EV battery systems.

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