TECHNOMELT® low pressure molding facilitate Light Show at Bay Bridge San Francisco

For a unique light show the San Francisco Bay Bridge needed to be equipped with 1000s of LED lights, which should be programmable to create special effects. The 25,000 LED circuit boards needed to be UV stable, resistant to salt, fog, humidity and wide range of weather conditions to protect the sensitive LED electronics. Furthermore, the electronical components should have a long operating lifetime and be waterproofed.

TECHNOMELT PA 6344 provides excellent UV and thermal stability. Furthermore, it protects the electronical components against salt, moisture and water. Due to low pressure molding, the production cycle where faster than with traditional potting processes and facilitates to be one time for the scheduled event.

The LED electronic components have been protected against harsh geographic environment such as humidity and salt water and therefore, made suitable for long operating lifetimes. Furthermore, with low pressure molding fast production cycle times have been achieved. By using the one component product, less cleaning requirements during production was achieved.

Under the brand of TECHNOMELT® Henkel offers a variety of Hot melt adhesives which are designed for a variety of applications where simplified processing, streamlined manufacturing and end-product protection are needed. TECHNOMELT® adhesives are trusted for reliability, quality and proven results and widely used at different market segments and technologies as low pressure molding.

Henkel Adhesive Technologies is the leading solution provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings worldwide.

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