Battery Cell Assembly Adhesive: LOCTITE® AA 3963

Fast and flexible Li-ion battery cell assembly system solution

Electric vehicle (EV) designs using cylindrical battery cells can easily incorporate thousands of individual cells, making automated and high-speed assembly a priority. The material used in the cell assembly process must therefore be able to cure quickly within a couple of seconds. At the same time, process flexibility is a priority, meaning the material should allow for long open times and be able to cure on demand.

A major automotive OEM partnered up with Henkel while in search of a solution to assemble cylindrical battery cells at high speed for its new EV model. Specifically, the customer had designed a new cell assembly process concept, in which the cylindrical cells are held together by a specialized plastic carrier. The adhesive used to bond the cells to this carrier had to be able to be applied and cure quickly, as well as have a long open time for process flexibility. Henkel developed LOCTITE® AA 3963, a UV curing adhesive that cures on demand in 5 seconds and is suitable for large-scale production. The material is currently being used by the OEM, producing over 100,000 EVs annually per production line, making it a proven solution for large-scale EV cylindrical cell assembly.

You can watch the webinar recording here.

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