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A rail customer had quality, efficiency and health & safety issues with a competitor product.

  • At a rail wagon the outer panel is stitch welded to the chassis (reinforcement beams). To avoid moisture and corrosion, the gap between panel and the reinforcement beam needs to be perfectly sealed. In time the product should be free of cracks*. The competitor’s product became brittle causing moisture ingress that led to premature corrosion. Corrosion is the worst enemy of the steel construction.
  • This product showed difficulties in the application as it often started to cure in the feed lines and clogging up the dispensing gun.
  • The customer required additional manpower to ensure the product was evenly applied. This resulted in extra application layers by brush (touch-up).
  • The product was not compatible with the double-sided tape on the pre-cut insulation material the customer was using and was not compliant with health & safety regulations as it is a solvent-based product. 


The Henkel expert team did preliminary tests and offered product sampling to understand further the customer’s challenge.

Henkel proposed TEROSON WT 218 FR – 200, a water-based and synthetic resin that is designed to be spray-applied using airless equipment. It can be dried at room temperature. It offers sound insulation properties, sealing and good abrasion resistance.

TEROSON WT 218 FR – 200’s properties solved the following customer challenges:

  • Cost-efficiency: Reduced by >75% labor and manpower as it is easy to apply and use and there is no need to touch-up after application.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with the standard [customer’s] spray equipment as well as their EP primer, pre-cut insulation material and double-sided tape (all non-Henkel).
  • Flexibility: Our product stays flexible over time to avoid rework or reapplication.
  • Main properties: It fulfills HL 2 requirements in accordance with railway
    fire norm EN 45545-2 and has NVH-properties.
  • Waste reduction and enhances health & safety: When sprayed, the product is sag resistant on vertical surfaces, up to a thickness layer of 4mm. The product is applied in one movement/layer, giving a clean spray pattern. The large package size (drum) reduced waste compared to the competitor product.
    This product is a sustainable product as it is water-based thus non-hazardous material.
Cracks appeared, over time, in the competitor product. Source: Henkel
Application of Henkel product TEROSON WT 218 FR – 200. Even spray pattern, no overspray, non-sag material. Source: Henkel

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