Common Projects that Utilize Loctite Threadlockers

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Locking and sealing nuts and bolts with LOCTITE® Threadlockers is a popular practice in vehicle repair, but there are a wide variety of other applications that can benefit from threadlocker technology as well. Below are just a few examples of how LOCTITE® Threadlockers are being used, ranging from cars and motorcycles to watches and eyeglasses.

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1. LOCTITE® Purple Threadlocker 

Ever have the fasteners on your eyeglasses begin to loosen, or ever needed to repair your laptop computer? LOCTITE® 222™ is a threadlocker that specializes in these small fastener assemblies, typically under 1/4″. The biggest benefits of this threadlocker are that it can be easily applied to small fasteners, will lock and seal out moisture, but can be gently removed with the same hand tool you used to assemble the fasteners.

Often times, smaller fasteners are used on assemblies that are very delicate. This threadlocker gives you the option to still reliably hold your assembly together, but if you ever feel the need to remove them, it won’t take a large amount of torque that could potentially damage the overall assembly.

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2. LOCTITE® Blue Threadlocker

The number one product to keep in your garage is LOCTITE® 243™ Medium Strength Threadlocker. It is higher strength than LOCTITE® 222™, but still can be removed using standard hand tools.

The number of uses for LOCTITE® Medium Strength Blue Removable Threadlockers are countless! Common projects include anything around the house with screwed assemblies that loosen due to vibration, wind, repeated use, etc. To keep everything tight and secure, do a quick check around the house for these items and apply some LOCTITE® Blue Threadlocker. Here are the steps:

  1. Lay out newspapers for easy cleanup
  2. Remove one of the screws that connect the front and back of the assembly with a screwdriver
  3. Apply one drop of LOCTITE® 243™ Medium Strength Threadlocker on the threads of the removed screw and roll the screw until the adhesive is coated around the threads
  4. Replace the screw in its proper hole
  5. Repeat until all your screws are securely in place once again

LOCTITE® blue threadlockers are designed to be removable, meaning the assembly can be taken apart with the same tools that were used to put it together. The blue threadlockers are not meant to add strength to an assembly, but to prevent a tight assembly from vibrating loose.

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3. LOCTITE® Red Threadlocker 

Your average lawn mower or snow blower is full of vibration. This is a torqued assembly’s worst nightmare. The best use of red threadlocker is for areas of heavy vibration.

Our lawn and garden equipment generally sees a lot of abuse, especially the equipment used during the winter months. High Strength Red Threadlocker is perfect for some key areas such as the bolts that hold the motor to the deck of a snow blower or lawn mower.

In these situations, specifically a product like LOCTITE® 271™ High Strength Threadlocker works best. Simply apply LOCTITE® 271™ to the nut and bolt, reassemble, and it will not only protect the fasteners from corrosion, but lock them in place to help resist shock, vibration, and temperature variance.

Our red, high-strength threadlockers are permanent but can still be removed. Depending on the size of the bolt, you may have to apply localized heat to soften the threadlocker in order to remove it with hand tools.

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4. LOCTITE® Green Threadlocker 

Ever have an assembly that’s already been put together but they forgot to use threadlocker on the fasteners? LOCTITE® 290™ Wicking Grade Threadlocker is specifically designed for those projects where the fasteners are already in place and torqued down, but you want to add more reliability.

Simply place the tip of the threadlocker bottle at the interface of the nut and bolt (or bolt and blind hole) and apply a few drops. The product has the ability to wick in between the thread engagement, fully cure within 24 hours, then lock and seal for the life of your assembly WITHOUT having to take the fasteners apart during application. You can use this product on a number of applications, including bikes, instrumentation screws, and carburetors.

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