Total Henkel Adhesives Solutions for Bag

Vietnam’s emergence as a leading manufacturer is a trend that companies in industry can no longer ignore. Competitive labor cost, skilled labor, growing production and logistic infrastructure, together with the political stability are key momentum supporting for factories in Vietnam, not only in textile, footwear industry but also in bag manufacturing.

On top of that, Henkel understands that for a customer wearing a bag, it’s not just a bag – it’s also a statement. In Henkel, we have been cooperating with leading global luxury bag manufacturers to upgrade the manufacturing process with full innovative and tailor-made adhesive solutions.

We offer a diverse technology portfolio including water-based adhesives, toluene-free adhesives, cyanoacrylates & hotmelt to meet drastic changes in fashion trends as well as increasing productivity in bag manufacturers.

Henkel is the trusted adhesives brand of global bag manufacturers

We hereby list down the total Henkel adhesive solutions for bag manufacturing. Check it out!

1. Water-based adhesives

LOCTITE AQUACE series are water-based adhesives to be designed to adhere to various materials, including leather, bonded leather, patent leather, backside of cotton, HD, Kimlon, Nylon, PVC, PU, Fabrics and woven mesh. LOCTITE AQUACE series are easy to use, nonflammable and nonhazardous with mild odor and applied by roller coater applicator & spray applicator. 

Henkel water-based adhesives come in various packaging to suit customer’s demand

Key features

  • Automation enablement
  • Good compatibility with bag materials
  • Eco-friendly
  • Strong bonding
  • Increase productivity with fast drying
  • Fast Dry & Non-yellowing WBA for Bag Application

2. Hotmelt adhesives

Hotmelt is the innovative adhesive solutions of Henkel with different applications and fit for various materials, ranging from HD, Kimlon, filler, leather, nylon, curved surface in edge and narrow area to zipper mesh. Hotmelt is also the sustainable solution in steps needing the temporary bonding. 

Henkel hotmelt ensures the safety for the end-user, the worker in line and the environment

Key features

  • Automation enablement
  • Cost efficiency
  • Faster bonding strength
  • Eco-friendly
  • Various applicators: edge roller coater, HMA roller coater, zipper adhesive roller coater, handy roller coater and edge folding bonding 

3. Solvent-based adhesives

LOCTITE BONDACE 7103 series are solvent-based adhesives for fixing handbag component and counter materials for stitching and padding. It is very suitable for stitching process with strong cohesive force and long tack retention time.

Bien Hoa site is the largest solvent-based factory of Henkel

Key features

  • Strong bonding with bag materials.
  • Fast drying with ease of use.
  • Low-Toxicity adhesive. (Toluene Free)
  • Chemical screening through MWL.
  • Approved through global bag manufacturer RSL testing.

4. Super Glue (Cyanoacrylates)

Loctite super glue is used for PVC wallet, handbag and fixing hard components. This product provides quick bonding curing with moisture at a room temperature which does not require heating chamber or press machine.

Key features

  • Production processes & manpower reduction
  • Adhesive consumption reduction
  • Reduction of energy usage for facilities in line
  • Productivity improvement
Loctite 401J and Loctite FT220 are outstanding super glues for bag manufacturing

Discover how our innovative adhesive solutions for bag manufacturing can make your products stand out from the crowd and contact us soon!

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