There is a growing demand for smart medical and hygiene solutions that support caregivers. These smart solutions improve daily hygiene routines. Printed electronics can be used to create a moisture sensor on thin and flexible materials. Henkel’s portfolio of adhesives solutions and conductive inks enable the introduction of smart solutions for the hygiene industry worldwide.

Latest materials solutions for smart hygiene applications.

Tune-in our recent webinar recording, where our experts showcase our latest material solutions for smart hygiene applications, including insights on key topics such as: Industry trends for hygiene & health in the context of printed electronics, introducing Henkel's smart diaper concept and materials, requirements along the hygiene value chain and key benefits of printed electronics for smart hygiene applications

Printed electronics enable digital health solutions

Here you can see the key components that make up smart diapers. Learn more by moving across the buttons below. 

Join our ecosystem of partners

Emerging design and performance requirements for smart healthcare solutions require an ecosystem of strong partners.

Henkel as a leading supplier for adhesives and printed electronics is partnering with IoT (internet of things) companies, printers and leading fast-moving consumer goods companies bringing together expertise and develop smart product solutions improving the quality of care and lives.

We continuously seek for innovative and holistic solutions serving the consumer goods industry:  Do you want to join our ecosystem of partners?

Hygiene Producer (Baby & adult)

You are looking to make your product solutions smart? Our leading portfolio of adhesives and inks are tailored for high production speeds while matching your product safety and odor requirements. Work with an industry expert and benefit from our broad network of partners...


You are experienced in high-speed printing on flexible substrates and are looking to expand your offering to sensor printing?

Henkel inks are suitable for flexography and rotogravure and compliant with safety regulations and supported through our technical service experts.

IoT Companies

You want to make a contribution to digital health solutions and want to improve personal care products with us? Combining our market and product expertise with your smart wearable technology know-how, we can team-up to make the hygiene industry more innovative.

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