Using smart glasses to provide instant technical support in real time

Augmented Reality (AR) glasses might sound futuristic – but they are already transforming the way companies interact with technical experts today. Rittal, for example, is taking advantage of this innovative technology to connect teams at its metal pretreatment lines with technical experts from Henkel. Whenever they need assistance with line management and maintenance, employees at Rittal’s site simply put on a pair of AR glasses and transmit everything they see to one of Henkel’s global team of technical service representatives in real time. They are then able to provide support for maintenance immediately, without the need for long emails or site visits.

This revolutionary digital service has been made possible through a close partnership between Henkel and AMA XpertEye, a company that offers remote support solutions for more than 300 industrial organisations and medical institutions worldwide. Together, Henkel and XpertEye are now offering a hands-free mobile solution that can be used to provide instant assistance and training. It’s easy to use and offers reliable performance even in low-bandwidth environments. All data is transmitted through ZRTG and SRTP encryption and no data is stored, which eliminates potential security concerns.

“This new service gives us access to Henkel’s experts around the globe at the touch of a button – which is incredibly valuable for us,” says Heiko Denner, Project Manager at Rittal. “It cuts the need for service representatives to visit our site, which saves time and money while also reducing travel-related carbon emissions. On top of this, using an advanced remote solution from Henkel gives our teams access to a more reactive and efficient service experience.”

Rittal is the world's leading systems provider for enclosures, power distribution, climate control, IT infrastructure and software & services. Check out what they had to say in this video testimonial – and contact us to find out more about this innovative new service.

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