Henkel Innovators Resolve a Sticky Component Cleaning Problem for Manufacturers

A New Boron-Free Parts Cleaners 

One of the most stubborn challenges today’s manufacturers encounter is getting their components properly cleaned and keeping their washer and dryer environments residue free. Typically, component manufactures use parts cleaners containing boron, which is good at removing dirt and grease, a good fighter against biological contamination and a good corrosion inhibitor. But these boron-containing products have a significant drawback: they can leave leftover residues that can not only cause issues with tacky parts but also leave unwanted films inside the washer and drying processes. 

One cleaner for all parts

Manufacturers have lived with this problem for decades, but now an innovation team at Henkel Adhesives has developed a boron-free parts cleaner that keeps, and even improves on, all the beneficial properties of conventional cleaners but eliminates tackiness by removing the boron.

Among the many advantages of this technology, called BONDERITE® C-NE 320BF (320BF, for short), is that manufacturing companies no longer need to use multiple cleaners for different materials within their production facility. The 320 BF works equally well on aluminum, steel, cast iron and even some exotic metals, such as brass, copper, titanium .BONDERITE® C-NE 320BF can easily remove today’s metalworking fluids, including synthetic and semi-synthetic coolants, straight and soluble oils, as well as other forms of manufacturing soils that enter the washer processes. These metalworking categories generally require different forms of production cleaning, many with very high cleaning-bath temperatures, but not 320BF. It is designed to perform at much lower operating temperatures, ranging from ambient to 120 °F.

The technology was developed for today’s modern wash and drying applications within component manufacturing processes. It shows excellent performance—even at the higher wash pressures that are used to reduce sediment particulates. 

Vacuum-dry applications have become very popular with flat-face surface components, such as engine heads, blocks, and transmission valve bodies, This is where C-NE 320BF shines within the drying process. It’s very easy to remove and leaves the flat surfaces residue free for post applications like gasketing.

BONDERITE®C-NE 320BF incorporates a unique blend of wetting agents to significantly improve the surface tension. In addition to excellent bio-stability and corrosion protection, BF320 has a low VOC and low-foaming tendencies.

This cleaner’s flexibility extends to its compatibility with heat-treating processes. With conventional cleaners, during heat treating the boron can produce stains and cobblestone effects that show impurities, causing both cosmetic and mechanical issues.

Operational dollar savings

Henkel Adhesives’ boron-free cleaner can translate to significant dollar savings for manufacturers. In our research on conventional products, we’ve seen washers degrading too quickly, while internal components and the drying area taking abuse. Boron-free BF320 mitigates these problems, and downtime for cleaning off residues is slashed. Moreover, because the washing process can run at much lower temperatures using BF 320, additional process cost-saving opportunities can be captured. Finally, a boron-free product promotes the health and safety of workers, with environmental studies beginning to focus on the potential health effects of boron.

To learn how BF320 can be your best friend forever, visit our dedicated page or contact us for more information.

Jonathan Sheibels

Business Development Manager at Henkel delivering solutions to machining, grinding and parts washing applications.