EPIX® Barrier Coatings

Barrier Options in Paper Wrapper and Container Applications

The balance between convenience and social responsibility is driving change in single-use food packaging – wrappers, containers, and bags. Consumers want options for service on the go that can maintain temperature and prevent moisture leaking while preserving texture, flavor, and appeal. Traditional single-use food packaging use materials are designed as moisture and grease barriers. However, they create more waste, are difficult to recycle, and do not fit with the megatrends of reducing packaging waste.  

The demand for increased functionality in convenience food packaging is on the rise. Currently paper barriers for food packaging employ technologies that resist absorption of the water and grease. EPIX® technology offers paper barrier coatings that make paper a viable option for wrappers, containers, and bags while delivering barrier protection to protect. EPIX® paper barrier products deliver: 

  • Water resistance
  • Moisture Barrier
  • Grease resistance

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Delivering Improved Barrier Technologies for Single-Use Food Containers and Wrappers

Millions of packages are made annually for the food industry, ranging from disposable single-use packaging to high-quality food containers. With these needs in mind, EPIX® technology is designed to bring functional barrier protection to paper packaging applications. EPIX® paper barrier coating technology offers brands and consumers viable options for single-use food containers and wrappers. The product portfolio delivers individual functional options to meet each unique challenge and transform paper. This includes barrier coatings for paper packaging that enables new type of wrapper, bag, and container products.

Some of the primary concerns for paper packaging manufacturers are water and grease resistance. Preventing water and water vapor from damaging the structural makeup of paper wrappers and containers is the key function for EPIX® paper barrier coatings. Along with water, grease is the next concern. EPIX® paper barrier coatings are designed to prevent seeping of oils and greases through food wrappers and containers.

Our product portfolio is designed to improve the grease and water resistance performance of paper wrappings and containers without adding layers and impacting the ability to achieve circular economy targets. For this reason, we provide greaseproof and waterproof paper material that ensure that grease and liquids don’t seep through the paper.

Packaging barriers are traditionally created from wax and other materials. EPIX® technology is designed to prevent the grease and oils from penetrating paper wrappings and containers while meeting all performance and regulatory targets for the applications. 

In addition to food packaging, EPIX® functional coatings provide solutions for e-commerce packaging.  Water-based coatings enable paper packaging to behave like plastic and still be recyclable. They offer barrier protection against moisture during shipment and can keep grease and oil away from your valuable items.

EPIX® technology is focused on a product portfolio designed to exceed the current packaging requirements while achieving circular economy.

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