Discover our customer's success with BERGQUIST LIQUI FORM TLF4500CGEL-SF, our 1K, cure-in-place liquid thermal interface material based on silicone-free chemistry.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, known as ADAS, is transforming the way vehicles are driven. They use dedicated data modules and sensors such as cameras, radar systems, ultrasonic sensors, and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) systems that map out the vehicle’s topological environment to identify potential hazards. Also, ADAS systems detect and enable the functioning of various safety and self-driving functions. Reliability and performance in extreme conditions is of utmost importance.

to meet these conditions, Henkel offers a comprehensive solution portfolio for ADAS components by offering high reliability component connection, thermal management, PCB and logic component protection and structural bonding on a wide range of substrates

HENKELs Thermal Interface Material  next generation solutions results in an easy to handle 1-component material post cure, high thermal conductivity, silicone free solution which can operate at high temps. Excellent, fast dispense characteristics , reliability (and vertical gap stability.

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