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Gaskets are used to prevent leakage of fluids or gases by forming impervious barriers. For successful gasketing, it is necessary for the seal to remain intact, and leak-free over a long period of time. The gasket must be resistant to fluids and/or gases, and withstand the operating temperatures and pressures to which it is subjected.

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Rigid Flange sealant is suitable for metal-to-metal assemblies and a gap fill of zero to 0.25 mm sealant dependent.

All repair and maintenance tasks shown should be done by professionals only. Please do not try this at home or if not qualified by professional education. Always follow car manufacturer's instructions.
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Apply LOCTITE® SF 7200 on old gasketing adhesive and use a wood or plastic scraper to remove residues. Remove burrs. For thicker layers, several applications may be necessary. Ensure compliance with application instructions on the technical data sheet.



LOCTITE® SF 7063 recommended to degrease and clean surfaces prior to applying adhesive.


Adhesive application

Apply a continuous bead of e.g. LOCTITE® 510 onto one flange surface. Place the bead close to  the inner rim of the flange and encircle all holes. Alternatively, it can be applied by a roller onto larger flanges.



Assemble flanges and tighten bolts as soon as possible.

If disassembly is needed, remove the bolts with standard hand tools. Use jacking-screws or cast-on bosses and recesses to life flanges apart. For corroded or seized parts, use LOCTITE® 8040 Freeze & Release to loosen the bolts.

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