Best adhesives for edge banding from Henkel

Quality adhesive solutions for edge banding

Edge banding is a multifaceted application that demands accuracy in terms of e.g. the adhesive application or pressure of the rollers. In this context, wood humidity, room temperature as well as workpiece temperature play a major role. Henkel is your experienced partner, offering a comprehensive range of TECHNOMELT PUR Hotmelts, TECHNOMELT Non-reactive Hotmelts as well as suitable cleaners for edge banding.


 BASE                                                            Non-reactive Hotmelts (EVA)    PUR Hotmelts
Adhesion Good adhesion to paper and wood Excellent adhesion to nearly all substrates
Heat resistance [°C]                              80-120 > 150
Joint opening test acc. To WPS 68       bis 85 > 150
Water resistance Sufficient Excellent
Processing Fast setting Moisture-free handling necessary

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Useful tips in adhesives applying on edge banding 

In an expeditious and competitive industry like Furniture & Building components manufacturing, every single second is counted. Let’s watch below video, which will cover the safety advice, clear guidance for manufacturing conditions when applying PUR hotmelts on edge banding. Especially, sharing about the way to switch from EVA to PUR hotmelt and back together with useful cleaning tips from Henkel experts are also interesting topics in this video.

Let’s Henkel experts help you understand more on our adhesive solutions on edge banding, contact us soon! 

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