Success Story Volvo Leaf Spring

In alliance with Benteler-SGL we achieved a 4.5 kilograms weight reduction for the leaf spring of the Volvo XC90 through our LOCTITE  matrix resin series.

Our Challenge

In its alliance with Benteler-SGL to develop the large-scale production of a composite leaf spring for the new Volvo XC90, Henkel has contributed in particular its process know-how in relation to RTM (resin transfer molding) so as to further optimize the cycle times that occur in the manufacture of fiber-reinforced components.

Our Contribution

Henkel developed a polyurethane-based composite matrix resin that fulfilled the performance criteria of the matrix in terms of physical properties and process ability, as well as static and dynamic behavior in a composite part. Our LOCTITE composite matrix resin series enables:

  • High injection speed and fast curing
  • Short and adjustable cycle times suitable for high-speed RTM
  • Superior fatigue resistance under dynamic loads

The Benefits

  • Weight saving of 4.5 kilograms compared to a conventional coil spring concept
  • Smoother ride and improved NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) behavior
  • Fast and safe processing for automotive mass production