Pomerleau Regional Office

When Pomerleau, one of Canada’s leading construction companies, commissioned its regional offices in Lévis, Quebec, it presented a design challenge with a site that is located between a busy highway and pristine forests. Fortunately, there was no limitation on choice of materials. The result is a unique, light-filled design featuring mass timber. But it also features polished concrete flooring, plate steel furniture, and railings. Mass timber components unify the interior and exterior with the surrounding forests. Natural pine in ceiling and roof elements is exposed, creating warmth. The building’s three wings each have stunning forest views, improving wellness and productivity of the office staff. Large, fully glazed windows in meeting rooms and the dining area face onto an intimate courtyard with the forest just beyond.

  • Recipient of Prix d’Excellence Cecobois 2019 in the exterior finishing category
  • CLT elements are manufactured with LOCTITE HB X202; glulam with LOCTITE HB X602, HB X202, GT20
Year 2016
Type Commercial office
Location Lévis, Canada
Area 12,552 m2
Timber Manufacturer Chantiers Chibougamau
Segment CLT, glulam
Architect Lemay
Wood species Pine
Adhesive CLT: LOCTITE HB X202;glulam: LOCTITE HB X602, HB X202, GT20

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