Control Unit Gasketing: LOCTITE AA 5885

Discover our customer's success with LOCTITE AA 5885, One-component polyacrylate cured in place gasketing product with rapid (<30 sec) UV curing sealing

1. Customer challenges

  • Thermal cure gasket technology required long cycle times in a large equipment footprint.
  • Existing thermal cure gasket had experienced deflection and deformation at the part interface causing seal failure.
  • Customer required seal integrity during high pressure water spray and thermal cycle testing.


2. Henkel solution

  • A one-component, rapid (<30 sec) UV curing gasketing solution that allows gasket compression immediately after cure.
  • Maintains a uniform sealing force across broad service temperature range.
  • Offers excellent compression set performance with good adhesion to aluminum and most plastics.


3. Mass production set-up

  • Henkel chemists have engineered a material that meets automotive customer reliability requirements.
  • Henkel Automotive Electronics experts provide best in class technical support and Henkel’s state of the art laboratories are equipped to mimic a production environment through automated dispense systems.
  • Ability to dispense and gasket modules expeditiously so customer can validate and scale up in record time.