Hotel MalisGarten

Situated in the Ziller Valley, surrounded by alpine forests, the MalisGarten hotel is a five-star resort featuring one of the most sustainable designs in the region. Italian star architect Matteo Thun designed the five-storey building using mass timber and wood throughout. A sophisticated heating and cooling system, geothermal energy, and pellet heating contribute to its low carbon footprint. Conservation of resources and local sourcing are hallmarks of the hotel, so it was natural to choose locally sourced renewable building materials. The project had a significantly shorter construction time thanks to prefabrication with lower noise and dust during construction. Other benefits are energy efficiency enabled by the insulating properties of wood and larger net usable interior space due to the size-to-strength ratio of the CLT components.

  • CLT stairwells and lift shafts are classed at level 5 - the highest rating for fire protection and fire resistance
  • Furniture, parquet floors, and doors are made of walnut and oak wood from local producers
  • CLT elements are manufactured with LOCTITE HB S089, HB S359 and HB S049
Year 2020
Type Commercial hotel
Location Vienna, Austria
Timber Manufacturer Binderholz
Segment CLT
Architect Matteo Thun, Meissl Architects
Wood species Spruce, larch, fir, pine
Adhesive LOCTITE HB S089, HB S359,HB S049 
CO2 savings 1,500 tons of CO2 stored in thebuilding

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