Formula 1 Gran Prix Canada

With a time budget of only 10 months between Formula 1 racing seasons, mass timber was naturally the building material of choice for Montreal’s new Grand Prix Paddocks. Equipped with its own photovoltaic plant, the Paddocks can accommodate 5,000 spectators as well as broadcasters and Formula 1 teams. It features a spectacular 300-meter diamondgrid, canopy-style roof made of 1,425 m³ of engineered wood. The wooden covering provides shade to both the rooftop lounges and the loges area. It also harmonizes with the surrounding Parc Jean-Drapeau landscape. Prefabricated mass timber components were used that enabled both a short construction time and the potential to be easily dismantled and reconfigured in the future. It has won the 2018 the Award of Excellence by Canadian Architect and the Grand Prix d’Excellence 2020 from the Ordre des Architectes du Québec.

  • Made with FSC-certified mass timber
  • The CLT elements are manufactured with LOCTITE HB X202
  • The glulam elements are made with LOCTITE HB X602, HB X202 and GT20
Year 2019
Type Commercial special
Location Quebec, Canada
Timber Manufacturer Chantiers Chibougamau
Segment CLT, glulam
Architect Les Architectes FABG
Contractor Geyser Group
Adhesive CLT: LOCTITE HB X202; glulam: LOCTITE HB X602, HB X202, GT20 
CO2 savings The mass timber roof is estimated to store 1,000 tons of CO2

© Steve Montpetit

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