Bundoora Student Residence,
La Trobe University

The flagship campus of La Trobe University, located in the Melbourne suburb of Bundoora, is the site of an awardwinning residential mass timber complex for 625 students. Designed as twin curving buildings around a courtyard of indigenous gum trees, it is the largest mass timber construction in the state of Victoria. It features glulam and CLT elements that act both structurally and decoratively in the interior. Engineering of the wooden structural elements enabled outstanding acoustic performance with noise protection levels exceeding Australian requirements and guidelines.

  • Australian Timber Design Awards: Multi-Residential 2020 The use of renewable CLT and glulam substantially lowers the building’s carbon footprint, enabling 76% lower global warming potential compared to traditional construction materials
  • CLT elements are manufactured with LOCTITE HB S049, HB S139 and HB S209
Year 2020
Type Residential
Location Victoria, Australia
Area 18,000 m2
Timber Manufacturer XLam Dolomiti
Segment 4,500 m3 CLT and glulam in total
Architect JCB Architects
Contractor Multiplex
Wood species Spruce
Adhesive LOCTITE HB S049, HB S139, HB S209
CO2 savings CO2 stored in the buildingis equivalent to the annual emissions of 1,600 local cars 

© Multiplex and John Gollings

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