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Discover solutions that empower your business and help you get the most out of your production processes with LOCTITE®

With LOCTITE® products and services, you can: 

  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Improve reliability
  • Prevent equipment failure
  • Lower production costs

Browse the extensive range of LOCTITE® glue and industrial adhesive products, from threadlockers to thermal management materials. Discover how LOCTITE® products can help you tackle challenges around bonding, adhesion, surface treatments and sealants. 

Optimize your production processes with the right LOCTITE® services. Access expert insights and tested solutions to improve the lifespan of your equipment, reducing downtime across your operations.

What is LOCTITE®?

LOCTITE® is one of the leading Henkel brands, a global leader in industrial adhesive solutions. LOCTITE® adhesive products are high-performance, engineered adhesive, sealant and coating solutions for both industrial and commercial purposes. 

Our innovative technology, unrivalled expertise and diverse products provide the ideal solution to many manufacturing, engineering, industrial and domestic challenges, including:

  • Instant bonding
  • Structural bonding
  • Cleaning and lubrication
  • Thermal performance

Understand LOCTITE® products or access expertise to optimize your operations. Discover the ideal product or service for your needs with our full range of LOCTITE® solutions.


For more technical information on LOCTITE® products, their applications and more, download a product-specific technical data sheet (TDS) below. All our products also have dedicated restriction of hazardous material (RoHS) and safety data sheets (SDS) to download for more information on safe use and hazards.

Discover LOCTITE® Services

Find a better way to tackle challenges head on with LOCTITE® services. We’ll work closely with you to understand your pain points and develop effective solutions. 

Our services aim to improve your operating efficiencies, so you can dedicate your time to what you do best. From analytical services and chemical management to lab testing and consultations, we have you covered.  

With LOCTITE® services, you get the benefit of decades of experience in our industry-leading team. However complex the challenges you face, our experts will work with you to solve them and find solutions that leave your business more productive and better placed to find success.

Schedule LOCTITE® Services

Contact our services team to schedule a service or speak to someone at Henkel about your issue. Call 1-800-LOCTITE for help with an immediate technical request. 

LOCTITE® Applications and Industries

LOCTITE® provides industrial solutions for the common, complex and unique challenges you face daily, no matter what sector you work in. Find products and services carefully designed to meet the needs of your industry, whether you’re manufacturing goods or mining. At LOCTITE®, we have the expertise and products to help you succeed every step of the way.

Industry solutions from LOCTITE® include:  

  • Automotive: Find solutions to bond vehicle parts during manufacture and repair, helping increase performance and sustainability.
  • Industrial Maintenance and Repair: Discover protective coatings, effective sealants and training services to reduce unplanned downtime.
  • Manufacturing: Explore LOCTITE® adhesives for bonding, locking and sealing applications during general manufacturing tasks. Streamline your production process.

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