The Chemical Management group at Henkel provides a full range of chemical processing products and services to the aerospace, industrial, medical device, electronics and automotive industries.

Our state-of-the-art information systems, centralized sourcing and procurement, and dedicated technical expertise make Henkel the ultimate lean choice for transforming your operations.

Aerospace Chemical Management Services

Focus on your mission: aircraft manufacturing and maintenance. We’ll focus on your chemical requirements.

We at Henkel understand the challenges and demands of the aerospace business and our brand of chemical management enables our customers to focus on their mission. The results are:

  • Customers whose staff is fully focused on producing output and income for their business,
  • Customers who have become smarter, more productive, in complete control of chemical consumption, and faster to market with their finished product.

Henkel offers levels of service that include an online sourcing and procurement option, as well as a full service on-site support solution.

Online sourcing and procurement services:

  • Registering your site operations with Henkel provides live buyer support for your required adhesive, sealant, paint, coating, oil, and other chemicals.
  • Maintain controls by creating and managing your approved chemical catalog for your specific site(s).
  • Register approved requisitioners at your locations to simplify and increase speed of QPL procurement and logistics.
  • Quick reaction capabilities support for military FSL, base MRO, and AOG commercial MRO operations.

Full service on site support option:

  • Deploy the MISL® on-site support solution from Henkel and achieve 100% compliance for your most demanding customer platform requirements.
  • Track and report chemical use from point of use to platform, project, or job.
  • See every location, batch, and expiration date of any chemical product on site any time.
  • Become audit compliant (AS9100, AS9120, Armed Forces, FAA) so that you don't have to worry about expired products.

Automotive and General Industry Chemical Management Services

As a leading supplier of process chemicals, including coolants, lubricants, coatings and adhesives, Henkel understands the unique needs of manufacturers.

Our chemical management provides customized on-site solutions to transform use of chemicals for our customers into pleasant and seamless experiences, as well as providing real and meaningful sustainable impacts to their environmental footprint.

The use of chemicals bring with them significant complexities to a customer that creates work without ROI.

We make sure the chemicals do not consume customer time away from production operations so they can focus on their mission.

Our services focus on:

  • Chemical and fluid performance monitoring
  • Certification management
  • New chemical approvals
  • Environmental constituent reporting
  • FIFO management
  • Customer specific labeling standards
  • Industry audit compliance standards such as TS:16949, FAA, and AS9100

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