Manufacturing and Maintenance Services 

Manufacturing and maintenance services to help improve production processes across industries

Producing high-quality products in a cost-effective way takes more than just the correct materials. In reality, ensuring that your facility has efficient manufacturing processes as well as effectively addressing possible problems in existing processes is just as important as the materials you use. That is why Henkel offers manufacturing and maintenance services that help you utilize our adhesive products in best way possible.

Henkel’s team of manufacturing experts offers a range of manufacturing and maintenance services that are applicable for several industries. Our manufacturing services range from OEM manufacturing and chemical managements services to maintenance reliability solutions. Moreover, in order to provide more individualized assistance, Henkel also offers on-site support for your facility. This includes maintenance services that range from in-plant services to trainings and workshops.  


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Product Design and Manufacturing Solutions

OEM manufacturers utilize a diverse set of production processes enable the effective and efficient manufacturing of their products. For this reason, Henkel offers a number of OEM manufacturing services across the manufacturing processes used by these manufacturers.

Visit our Product Design and Manufacturing Solutions page.

Maintenance Reliability Solutions

Making sure your facility is staying on top of potential problems or inefficiencies is a priority in any industry. That is why Henkel offers maintenance reliability solutions that help our customers minimize downtime and increase efficiency through targeted maintenance solutions.

Visit our Maintenance Reliability Solutions page. 

Chemical Management

Effective chemical management is an essential task across industrial facilities that helps to improve product quality while keeping costs down. Henkel’s chemical management services are applicable to various industries including aerospace, medical, automotive, electronics, and more.

Visit our Chemical Management page.

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