BONDERITE® LineguardX is a cloud-based remote monitoring system that can help improve your Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) capabilities and overall production efficiency. It does so by serving as a manufacturing analytics platform that can be applied to quality management optimizing line efficiency and giving you the ability to remotely evaluate and maintain your facilities. LineguardX is an integrated IIoT monitoring system which allows for constant monitoring of different processes allowing you more control of plant maintenance operations. 

LineguardX provides your company with the most innovative and advanced smart manufacturing technology on the market. Offering advanced chemical system monitoring, this Statistical Process Control (SPC) software provides early warning of potential issues and can proactively suggest line and plant maintenance optimizations. Bringing all data together in one user-friendly interface, LineguardX saves hours of manual work per week that would usually be needed to collect, chart, identify data, and specification parameters through traditional means. This results in cost savings by reducing the time needed to collect and analyze these diverse data sets. LineguardX can be considered as part of Industry 4.0 manufacturing advancements that allow for increased task automation and data collection.

Explore the Advantages of BONDERITE® LineguardX

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Unique Remote Monitoring System for Data Analysis

The LineguardX smart manufacturing system includes a number of SPC tools that identify problems on your line while optimizing coating system controls. The system quickly identifies problems or other issues in your production line which will, in turn, improve overall manufacturing efficiency.

LineguardX connects to your production line system, taking your equipment measurements, manual laboratory test, analytics, and all inputs from the coating process—from pretreatment, production, inspection, waste treatment, and more. Once connected, it monitors your line by automatically detecting trend violations, out of control/off-parameter occurrences, incorrect levels, and coating abnormalities. When detected, this remote monitoring system sounds warnings and initiates alarm protocols. At its core, LineguardX represents an advancement in MOM helping businesses of all sizes to improve their productivity and efficiency. By implementing this smart manufacturing technology, you can simply and effectively increase quality control, data collection, and maintenance optimizations.

For the sake of product line efficiency, LineguardX provides end-to-end visibility and closed-loop control for your facility.

Manufacturing Process Improvement

LineguardX is an effective way to ensure quality management and line efficiency no matter who is using it. Whether you are a line manager, quality assurance manager, or line operator, this intuitive-to-use software program gives your company the ability to monitor and analyze your production capabilities no matter where you may be. This is because the LineguardX remote maintenance system software is cloud-based and can be used directly on your line or remotely for anytime monitoring on your devices. This gives your company flexibility in allowing different members of the manufacturing team to view important information about your line production, no matter when or where. Remote monitoring makes quality control and manufacturing operations management easier and more effective than traditional methods.

Why choose BONDERITE® LineguardX

LineguardX takes Henkel's industry-leading chemical and manufacturing expertise and combines it with Industry-Leading Manufacturing Analytics Platform NWA Focus EMI® 

Benefits of the LineguardX Smart Manufacturing System:

  • Early Warnings of Pending Danger 
  • Increased Quality
  • Reduced Scrap Rate
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Virtual Customer Service

Frequently Asked Questions: Ways to Improve Manufacturing Productivity and Efficiency

When investing in an SPC System such as LineguardX, many customers are looking for more direct information on how these systems directly improve manufacturing productivity and efficiency. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:


Looking for a quality management system to optimize your line performance? 

Discover how the LineguardX’s remote monitoring and predictive maintenance capabilities can help you:

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