Common Failures

Drivers and their passengers are your life line. And when they pull away after a repair, there‘s no such thing as too safe. Make sure you avoid the common pitfalls in both application and product selection, to ensure the windscreen can fulfil its safety function.

#1: Sagged Windscreens fail.

Sagged windscreens can impair the safety function of the windscreen and may cause costly water leaks.

#2: Leaking Windscreens cost twice.

Leaking windscreens double costs because 1. you need to replace the windscreen to repair the leak, and 2. the leak may have caused unforeseen electronic malfunctions, resulting in further costly repairs.

#3: Stringing adhesives are messy.

The stringier the adhesive, the messier the application and the higher the risk of contamination of the interior.

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TEROSON Workshop Survey.

Helps you avoid failures from the start.

When working with you, our TEROSON experts conduct a detailed survey of your repair process and the products you use. This helps identify potential cost savings and process improvements. We use our Teroson Workshop Survey to make and inventory of your current processes  or, if you prefer, we jump right into a live survey at your workshop.

Through your participation in the TEROSON Workshop you will receive:

A thorough audit of your repair process

A cost analysis of your process

Recommendations for process improvements

A report detailing all identified costs and time saving potentials


This is it! We redesigned our wide range of windscreen adhesives so that you can now find the product best suited to your purpose faster  than ever.  What they all have in common: The designation now clearly refers to their respective SDAT, e.g. the former TEROSON PU 8597 HMLC is now simply called TEROSON BOND 60, which indicates a 60 min. SDAT. etc.

See what our product range has to offer and get to know our newest family member: TEROSON BOND 120.

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How to ensure reliable and safe windscreen replacement?

Get a fun and interactive deep dive into windscreen replacement. Learn how adhesives protects passengers & so much more. Let ROSON your new expert, give you all the tricks of the trade.

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