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Known as TEROKAL 5010 TR

Features and Benefits


Body Repair – Tin solder replacement for rebuilding of e.g. car body surfaces or welded joints, 2-component epoxy.

TEROSON EP 5010 TR is a unique cold-applied 2-component epoxy-based tin solder replacement for rebuilding metal surfaces such as vehicle shells or car bodies made from steel or aluminium. It is designed for the final modelling of repulled dents on difficult-to-reach/rebuild areas or welded joints. The product has no shrinkage and is excellent for grinding. It is necessary to apply the product using cartridge guns with a piston rod; best application results are achieved with the TEROSON POWERLINE II AIR PRESSURE GUN.
  • 2-component epoxy
  • Lead-free alternative to tin soldering, no open flame needed
  • Sag-resistant, perfect modelling of repulled dents on difficult-to-reach/rebuild areas
  • No damage of existing cataphoretic painting, painted areas, cavity and seam sealing
  • Time saving, no need for removal of airbags, plastic, fabrics, fuel tank/ inlet etc.
  • Process can be accelerated by heating
  • No shrinkage
  • Excellent grindability
  • Easy disposal
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Technical Information

Substrates Epoxy