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Known as LOCTITE 9461

Features and Benefits

2-part, thixotropic, structural bonding epoxy adhesive that cures to provide a toughened bond and is therefore ideal for joining dissimilar substrates.
LOCTITE® EA 9461 is a 2-part, grey, structural bonding epoxy that cures at room temperature to provide a toughened bond. It is therefore ideal for joining dissimilar substrate materials including metals, engineering thermoplastics and thermoset laminates such as SMC. Its thixotropic properties make it good for gap filling and it provides both high peel and shear strength.
  • Creates a tough bond
  • Good choice for dissimilar materials
  • Thixotropic and non-sagging
  • Good for gap filling
  • High peel and shear strength
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Technical Information

Color Grey
Fixture Time 240 min.
Fixture Time Temperature 22 °C
Mix Ratio 1:1 (by volume)
Peel Strength on Steel 10 N/mm
Viscosity 72 mPa.s (cP) Brookfield
Viscosity (#7sp/20/rpm) 72 mPa.s (cP) Brookfield
Work Life Time 40 min.