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Known as TEROSON Zinc Spray

Features and Benefits

Body Repair – Corrosion protection: zinc spray, anti-corrosion coating, not overpaintable.
TEROSON® VR 4600 is a rapid curing zinc-based sprayable primer used for vehicle body repair and maintenance. It provides optimal protection of iron and steel against corrosion. It also conducts electricity, wet as well as dry. The product is not overpaintable and exhibits a high temperature resistance. As a result of its "self-healing properties", this coating product is able to close small lesions. The dry film bonds well to cleaned metal parts and features a high resistance to abrasive wear. Recommended surface treatment with TEROSON® VR 10.
  • Corrosion protection between flanges after spot welding
  • Electrically conductive (wet and dry)
  • Corrosion protection for non-painted parts (e.g. exhaust system)
  • High-temperature-resistant
  • Anti-corrosion coating for not to be painted parts
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Documents and Downloads

Technical Information

Color Grey: Silver Grey
Key Characteristics Zinc Based