Known as TEROTEX Super 3000 Aqua

Features and Benefits

Body Repair – Anti-chip and underbody coating product. Water-based dispersion, excellent abrasion resistance, overpaintable.
TEROSON® WT S3000 AQUA is a water-based coating product used for underbody stone chip and spot repair tasks. It is ideal for reproducing all different kinds of OEM textures on vehicles. The product is characterised by excellent abrasion resistance. It is overpaintable, VOC-free, has no solvent odour and is OEM specified. Easy application with filler or paint pistols, the TEROSON® ET UBC GUN or the TEROSON® ET UBC MULTI SPRAY GUN. Recommended surface treatment with TEROSON® VR 10.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance for stone chip, underbody coating and spot repair
  • VOC-free, no solvent odour
  • Reproduces all different kinds of OEM textures on bumpers, sills, side panels, underbody
  • Product mixable with water-based paint
  • High sag resistance
  • Effective damping of vibration noise
  • UV stable and overpaintable
  • No shrinkage, no cracking
  • Compatible with OEM PVC coatings
  • OEM specified
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Technical Information

Colour Black, Grey, Clear
Key Characteristics Water Based