Known as TEROSON Multi-purpose UBC Gun

Features and Benefits

Equipment – Dispensing tool, air pressure gun, underbody and stone chip protection application for one litre tin, adjustable to various textures.
TEROSON ET UBC MULTI SPRAY GUN is a professional spray gun used for underbody and stone chip protective coating applications for one litre cans. It is easy to use and able to perfectly recreate various OEM textures on car bodies. The dispensing tool is ideal for very fine and paint-like textures. The product can stay in the gun for up to 3 to 4 weeks without the need for cleaning. It works with low pressure.
  • Perfect texture from fine to rough finish
  • Product can stay in the gun up to 3 or 4 weeks without cleaning
  • Ideal for very fine, paint-like textures
  • Low-pressure operation
  • Regulator with integrated safety valve
  • Easy to use, similar in use to a paint gun
  • Material flow: adjustable
  • Spray air: adjustable
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